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Giftofloves™ 100 Language I Love You

Giftofloves™ 100 Language I Love You

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Limited quantity!!! We sell out often. Once it reaches 50 pieces. We will restore the original price. Enjoy the discount now!

Surprise her with a unique and meaningful gift. A gift that will always remind her how special she is to you.

Our  Necklace will keep a special memory always close to the heart of Your loved one. a gift that will leave anyone speechless.


Our giftofloves makes the perfect gift for any occasion to make your loved one always remember a special situation or just carry you close by their hearts

  • These necklaces use nano-micro engraving technology to engrave ‘I Love You’ in 100 different languages in its pendant’s love stone. 

  • To Project The Message Within: Use a mobile camera lens to peek inside and display it on your phone. or shine a light through the center crystal to project the message onto a wall or surface.


     The perfect gift for all occasions to make anyone feel appreciated and loved. Securely & neatly packed. The stylish pendant & rose await inside for a breathtaking surprise.

    The pendant uses nano-micro engraving technology to project ‘I Love You’ in 100 different languages. An exquisite experience & surprise that anyone would love. Only available at giftofloves.

Carry a special moment close to Your Heart

Each necklace has 100 different languages in its pendant’s love stone .3 ways of viewing it:

  1. Just simply hold it close to your eyes and look through the circle
  2. Hold it close to the lens of your camera to see it on the screen of your phone
  3. Shine the flashlight of your phone through the back of the circle and project it onto a wall in the dark.


    • Material: Titanium Steel 
    • Sizes:
    • Pendants: 18mm x 13mm
    • Necklace Chain: 40cm/16-inch adjustable by 2 inches


    • If you have problems just send it to us via email at
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