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First Mom Now Grandma - Personalized Frame Mirror Light Box

First Mom Now Grandma - Personalized Frame Mirror Light Box

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The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!

This personalized frame Mirror light box is the perfect gift for mom or grandma.

This beautiful frame Mirror light box features a unique design that can be personalized with your choice of text and illustrations. It's sure to draw attention whether it's placed whether it's on a kitchen counter in a hallway or on a desk. It will look great as part of any decor, so don't hesitate to give this as a gift!


First Mom Now Grandma.


  • Material: Made from pine wood and acrylic plaque. that adds a touch of natural elegance to any room.
  • 1-sided printing.
  • Size: Wooden frame box: 7.09 x 8.27/ 7.68 x 9.65/8.27 x 12.2 inches (~ 18 x 21/19.5 x 24.5/21 x 31 cm). Acrylic plaque thickness: 0.12 inches (~ 0.3 cm).
  • LED's life span - 30.000 hours.
  • Wall charger is NOT included. It works with desktop computers. laptops. and power banks with USB input.
  • Package: 01 acrylic plaque + 01 wooden frame + 01 USB Type A.

When it's off, it's a normal mirror, and when it's on, it's a very meaningful piece of decoration. It is definitely a piece of ingenious design!

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